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Floor stand BS
With angled foot, powder-coated or stainless steel, side length 600 mm, stainless steel rod Ø 34 mm

Wall bracket WS
Stainless steel rod Ø 34 mm, clearance from wall: 200 mm

Retort stand PS
Powder-coated steel base 210 x 315 mm, stainless steel rod Ø 14 mm
BS1 and BS2
BS1 and BS2
BS1 and BS2BS3WSPS1  
TypeDescriptionLengthCode-No. Price/Unit
Price/Unit incl. VAT
BS 1Plastic coating / stainless steel1000 mm40 26446 00086 8 607,00722,33Add product to Shopping Basket
BS 2Plastic coating / stainless steel1500 mm40 26446 00083 7 663,00788,97Add product to Shopping Basket
BS 3All in stainless steel1000 mm40 26446 00826 0 1.114,001.325,66Add product to Shopping Basket
WSStainless steel rod1000 mm40 26446 00087 5 412,00490,28Add product to Shopping Basket
PS 1Powder-coated / stainless steel1000 mm40 26446 00324 1 161,00191,59Add product to Shopping Basket
Compressed air industrial stirrers with spherical swivel clamp