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IBC heating jacket CHM

Heating jacket for 1000 litre Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), operating temperature up to 100°C

The heating jacket is made from PUR coated, washable cover material. An electromechanical thermostat in a Polycarbonate housing with transparent lid (indicator light for power and operation) is attached. A separate, insulating mat for the container top is also supplied.

Tailor-made solutions, according to container size, are available on request. Velcro fasteners guarantee quick attachment and removal of the jacket.

Used for freeze-protection or product temperature maintenance. Liquids may be used right away from storage for the production process, which means a remarkable reduction of time required in a warming room.

Chemical and petrochemical industry, paint and varnish, resins, adhesives and sealants, disposal of wastes, etc.

Other sizes on request. Also available for use in hazardous atmospheres.
Nominal voltage:
Nominal power:
Jacket material:
230 V a.c.
2200 W
1200 x 1000 x 1160 mm
polyurethane coated
felt mat
Heat conductor:PTFE insulated, resistance element with protective layer
Protection class:
Protection rating:
Velcro fastening system
IP 65 (spray-proof)
Temperature range
Freeze protection:
Temp. maintenance:

-20°C to +40°C
0 to +100°C
Power supply cable:1,5 m with 5-pole CEE-plug for connection to the controller
IBC heating jacket CHM
IBC heating jacket CHM
max. °C
ApplicationCode-No. Price/Unit
Price/Unit incl. VAT
CHM 1IBC heating jacket CHM-20+40°CFreeze-protection40 26446 00548 1 2.850,003.391,50Add product to Shopping Basket
CHM 2IBC heating jacket CHM0+100°CTemperature maintenance40 26446 00549 8 2.850,003.391,50Add product to Shopping Basket
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