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BuddeMix Stirring System 5-7

This novel stirring system has been conceived to mix low viscosity fluids as well as highly viscous media at slow speeds. Its special design creates inherent dynamic currents to produce perfectly homogeneous mixing results in very little time. Additional components like baffles, bottom bearings, etc. are not needed.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • conform to FDA regulations
  • suitable for low to highly viscous fluids
  • stirs media containing solids and fibres without any difficulty
  • gentle, low-shear stirring, due to slow stirring speed
  • constant product temperature, with no heating effect
  • short mixing times as the entire contents of the container are agitated
  • no air addition, no foaming
  • no baffles, no bottom bearings required
  • low gear wear due to balanced forces
  • minimal power consumption thanks to low speeds and short operation times
  • easy cleaning

Particularly for potentially explosive atmospheres:
  • a single stirring zone, near to the container base, ensures easy mixing of settled residues, e.g. in flow-through mixing containers
  • no baffles or bottom bearings required, thus no additional sources of ignition

Available upon request:
  • customised shaft length
  • fine surface polishing Ra 0.6 to 0.8 µm
  • certificate of roughness
  • material certificate 3.1B
The new BuddeMix in action!
BuddeMix Stirring System 5-7
BuddeMix Stirring System 5-7
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Pharma/Food grade stirrers PLM 38
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