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Heating bath liquid, BUDDE

BUDDE heating bath liquid has a high flash point and is stable at high temperatures and can therefore be used continuously as a heating medium up to approx. 170°C. Higher temperatures (below flash point) are possible for a short period, but will result in rapid darkening.

The crucial advantages of BUDDE heating bath liquid compared to the oils or other organic liquids mainly used are:
  • Accidental spillage of water into the bath does not lead to dangerous spitting at temperatures over 100°C, as the water dissolves in the heating bath liquid and subsequently evaporates safely
  • BUDDE heating bath liquid can easily be rinsed away with water which eases cleaning of laboratory equipment, e.g. distillation flasks, and also bench or floor if the bath liquid is accidentally spilled.
  • BUDDE heating bath liquid does not foam when mixed with water.

Use as a cooling medium:
The low pour point allows the bath liquid also to be used as a cooling medium. Mixtures with 10% to 30% water have proved best for this.
Chemical character:Modified polyglycol ether
Appearance:Clear, colourless to lightly yellowish liquid.
Storage time:In the original, unopened containers unlimited storage time. When stored for long periods of more than 2 years, the product may become darker. This does not affect the performance of the product.
Density (DIN 51757,
ASTM 1298, 23°C):

1.13 to 1.17 g/cm3
to DIN EN ISO 2592:

> 290°C
Water solubility:BUDDE heating bath liquid can be mixed with water at any ratio. The hardness of the water has no effect on the bath liquid.

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Heating bath liquid, BUDDE

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