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Swing-out stirring system BuddeMix SW

The new BuddeMix SW is specially designed for the use with containers. Quite small if it needs to fit through 2", 150 mm or 70 mm openings, but great when it comes to mixing. The stirrer unfolds and creates its novel, inherent dynamic current, even at low speeds. The entire contents of the container are put into motion in next to no time. The stirrer can be dismantled easily into its three parts without any tools.

Few parts to clean - little effort!
This is our definition of progress: Easier and faster.

The SW series is suitable for low viscosity fluids to highly viscous media.

Your advantages at a glance:
  • suitable for bunghole openings of 2" to 150 mm
  • dismantling without tools
  • quick and easy cleaning
  • suitable for thin liquids to highly viscous fluids
  • stirs media containing solids and fibres without any difficulty
  • gentle, low-shear stirring, due to slow stirring speed
  • constant product temperature with no heating effect
  • short mixing times as the entire contents of the container are agitated
  • no air addition, no foaming
  • no baffles, no bottom bearings required
  • low gear wear due to balanced forces
  • minimal power consumption thanks to low speeds and short operation times

Particularly for potentially explosive atmospheres:
  • a single stirring zone near to the container base ensures easy mixing of settled residues, e.g. in flow-through mixing containers
  • no baffles or bottom bearings required, thus no additional sources of ignition

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Swing-out stirring system BuddeMix SW

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BuddeMix SW 31.440410005001002540 26446 00540 5 1.034,001.230,46Add product to Shopping Basket
Residue paddle1.4404 138  40 26446 00513 9 216,00257,04Add product to Shopping Basket
Connection couplings VK
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